Arnie says he’ll be back for T5

January 22nd, 2013

Yep, loads of sites are reporting that the big man has let slip that the next Terminator movie is in his schedule. Not all that surprising considering he’s trying to relaunch his movie career (and taking into account The Last Stand’s opening box office he needs all the help he can get). But the question is – what role will the ageing Schwarzenegger play? Will it be, as many have speculated, as the basis for the T-800? or something more surprising and original? What do you think!? Get commenting with your thoughts!


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Annapurna Tweets a T5 Teaser

November 1st, 2012

Well, its been over a year since our last communication, mainly due to the fact that there’s been nothing of any substance to report! Skynet has been almost silent. Well, that all changed a couple of days ago with a tweet out the blue from franchise owners Annapurna Pictures:

All very mysterious! Like you we’ve heard various rumours as to what might be happening – but this looks like the first solid bit of news for a while. Whatever the case, the franchise cannot be treated lightly now as things have got alot more serious in the Sci-Fi world with the Disney buyout of Lucasfilm – any future Terminator films are going to consider these behemoths now in the mix.

We’ll be back with more as it emerges………

Mostly via Den of Geek

UPDATE 18/01 2013 – Terminator 5 has a writing team

Yes, it looks like Laeta Kalogridis and Patrick Lussier will be writing  T5. They’ve been involved with films such as Avatar, Shutter Island and Alexander. Good luck to them!

Via Deadline.

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Terminator 5 – things are moving, Cameron ‘brainstorming’?

September 22nd, 2011

Very intriguing story over on on the ever complex scenario surrounding the Terminator franchise. Amongst the various legal shenanigans, and the plan to get Justin Lin to direct the movie the report does have one especially interesting bit of info:

While Cameron washed his hands of the Terminator franchise years ago, his close friend Schwarzenegger has dragged him into a brainstorming meeting or two, even though he is not officially involved.

Lin has admitted meeting with Cameron and Arnie:


Even the slightest hint that old Jimbo is involved in the new Terminator films is enough to get our hopes up for a return to form.

What do you reckon to this news?

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Will Arnie Be Back?

March 21st, 2011

Well, first post for a long time……what’s been happening in the Terminator universe? The big topic to emerge recently is whether The (Ex) Governator will be returning to the Terminator franchise. Apparently, Terminator 5 is one of 15 options the big man has on his plate for his next move (including True Lies 2 and a TV show). If i were him, id think very carefully about whats on offer…….does he really want to be a 63 year old Cyborg? What does everyone think Arnies role could be in a new Terminator movie?

Arnold Schwarzenegger (pic by Steve Jurvetson on Flickr)

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For Sale: The Terminator Franchise *Updated*

October 15th, 2009

UPDATE – February 09 2010 – We have a buyer!

Get the inside info from Deadline Hollywood!

What would you do with Terminator?

Firstly, let me say that im aware that this story broke a few weeks back – ive been unable to post for a variety of rather dull reasons that i won’t bore you with here.

Anyway, back to the matter in hand – and it seems that the Terminator franchise is up for sale again. If you have a spare $60m lying  around then i would say that it could be a seriously good investment (i could probably stretch to a £100 or so). The maths seem to be relatively simple, even for a dunce like me:

Terminator Salvation  -

  • Total production costs =  $200m
  • Total worldwide gross = $371m
  • Profit = $171m

Thats before the DVD versions have even been released. Not too shabby im sure you’ll agree.

You can read about all the legal shenanigans behind the rights over at the original LA Times article.

The big question is for the new owners though is – what the chuff do we do with this franchise? It obviously has a huge fanbase, there are literally millions of Terminator devotees out there. But where do we go after Salvation?, which although it had a lukewarm critical reception to say the least, has proved to be a box-office success. We wish any of the new owners luck with their decision – meanwhile i think ill leave the final word to The Guardian who pretty much summed up my feelings on the matter:

Give us a relentless Terminator destroying everything in its path in order to track down and eliminate a hero or heroine we actually care about, and the chances are we’ll flock to see the movie.

What would you do if you controlled the Terminator franchise? Sack McG? Do everything to get Arnie back on board? Bring back Edward Furlong, Linda Hamilton and Robert Patrick? or do a Re-Boot of the Re-Boot? Let us know you’re thoughts. IGN have some pretty interesting thoughts on all this…………

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Terminator Salvation Blu-Ray & DVD November 23rd

August 3rd, 2009
November the 23rd for Terminator Salvation Blu-Ray

November the 23rd for Terminator Salvation Blu-Ra

Yes, you read that right – Terminator Salvation is coming out on Blu-Ray and DVD on November the 23rd, just in time for someone else to buy it for you for Christmas!
There’s not a huge amount of info available on the DVD version, but according to Amazon, the Terminator Salvation [Blu-ray] will contain the following goodies!
• “Re-Forging the Future” – Go behind the scenes of Terminator Salvation with an exclusive set tour.
• “The Moto-Terminator” – See how the Terminator Salvation visual effects crew and Ducati partnered to create the slick and deadly Moto-Terminator!
• Maximum Movie Mode featuring director McG deconstructing the film’s key moments.
• Picture (PiP) commentary with cast and crew interviews, storyboards, still galleries, timeline and more!
• Plus, 11 mini featurette focus points spotlighting how the ground-breaking special effects were created!

BD LIVE Content Includes:
• “Resist Or Be Terminated” Tech Com videos (nine viral videos from the theatrical campaign and four new videos from the Home Entertainment campaign)
• “The Final Resistance” video – access the secret plans of Skynet
• CINECHAT – BD-Live technology that lets viewers around the world chat live about this, or any other CINECHAT enabled BD disc, from Sony Pictures International Home Entertainment!

Hopefully there’s something of interest there. Despite our criticisms of the movie – being Terminator Merch-Hoarders -we’ll still be buying it!

UPDATE – Despite some reports that the DVD/Blu-Ray will be delayed until December, Amazon still have the release date as November 23rd – we’ll keep an eye on it and let you know what’s happening.

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Terminator 5 Movie Rumour Mill Spinning Already

August 3rd, 2009

Well, Terminator Salvation has barely finished spinning in the Movie Theatres and the rumours about its sequel, which we will imaginativley refer to as Terminator 5 (T5), have began to come in thick and fast. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the speculation at the moment……..

  1. The studio wants to get Terminator 5 released quickly (according to Variety)
  2. Joseph McGinty Nichol (McG) is returning as director (various sources)
  3. The film may be set in the present day (McG told Filmjournal)
  4. Robert Patrick might be in this one (McGs own words – “I also think he’s going to meet a scientist that’s going to look a lot like present-day Robert Patrick, talking about stem-cell research and how we can all live as idealized, younger versions of ourselves.”)
  5. London is a possible location (from Bleeding Cool which means it might have some cred)

What does everyone think? Should McG be given a second shot at the Terminator franchise?, or should the studio go with someone with vitality and imagination? (cough….Neill…..cough…..Blomkamp……cough)……Comments welcome as always!

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Terminator Salvation Review

June 20th, 2009
Terminator Salvation
Review of Terminator Salvation – in my opinion, the worst film in the series.


This review is a month late so i’ll skip all the plot details and stuff and just cut to the chase here i think:

Terminator Salvation is the worst film in the series.

Yes, this was my conclusion after watching the film this week. Im left wondering what film the positive reviewers from the previous post watched because it certainly couldn’t have been this mess.

I apologise to all the Terminator fans out there who were looking forward to this film (and may even have enjoyed it). You may feel im being a little over-critical, but really, i think we just have to face the fact that this film just isn’t good enough, and this will be bourne out in the passage of time.

Spoilers ahead obviously………

Read more…

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12 Terminator Salvation Reviews – Mixed To Say The Least

June 10th, 2009

Firstly an apology: I still haven’t seen Salvation yet!

Sorry to all the readers out there who are desperately waiting for my review of Terminator Salvation (and some fresh blog posts), but im afraid that my pesky ‘real life’ has taken over in the last couple of weeks and i haven’t managed to see it yet. Im intending to hit my local cinema this weekend. I was hoping to catch an IMAX screening but it appears that my local (Glasgow Science Centre) is showing Star Trek, with Harry Potter and Transformers 2 on the horizon – so it looks like Terminator may not appear so theres no point waiting!

Anyway, in the meantime ive been scanning cyberspace looking at the various Terminator Salvation reviews that have been coming in, and they are a mixed bag to say the least. Here are some examples of the basic camps that each review is falling into…….

It was great!

  • Empire Online gave the movie a healthy 4/5 – “McG has sparked a moribund franchise back to life”.
  • NME like it alot – “Salvation’ can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the other movies in the series
  • Miami Herald were also keen – “Terminator Salvation belongs to Australian actor Sam Worthington

It wasn’t that bad – but not great either

  • LOUDREAMS thought it was OK – “a great deal of action and stunning visual effects
  • Sky Movies also had a lukewarm review – “Salvation undoubtedly has more to offer than 2003’s makeweight third chapter
  • Total Film though it was alright – “The Terminator story recharges with a post-apocalyptic jolt of energy
  • Adrian James liked it a bit – “Its far from perfect, but its not the horrible film people have made it out to be
  • SciFi Now gave it 3/5 – “…..with only a few compromises made, Terminator Salvation wins the battle to meet expectation

It’s possibly one of the worst films ever made!

  • Screenhead weren’t convinced – “Big Budget fan fiction
  • Time Out were also pretty offended – “a disappointment of ‘Phantom Menace’ proportions” – oh dear.
  • The Guardian‘s Peter Bradshaw gave it 1/5 – “It couldn’t be worse than this” – ouch,
  • …and last but not least, BBC critic Mark Kermode (whom im a big fan of), ripped into it on his blog………


Anyway, the upshot of all this is that i don’t really know what to expect. Guess ill just have to see for myself. My Terminator Salvation Review will be up as soon as possible (promise).

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3D Salvation poster gives glimpse of the future

May 18th, 2009

RabbitHoles Media have produced a pretty stunning 3D holographic Terminator Salvation Poster – if this was available to buy it would go straight into our best Terminator posters list. There’s some footage of it in action at the Arclight in Los Angeles (see the YouTube video below) or you can get a rendered impression over at the RabbithHoles website. Impressive stuff eh?

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